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Light-sport aircrafts are very popular, due to their stable and maneuverability capabilities.
Gema Goeyardi; Read more



Story about a long distance flight across all of Italy with ViperSD4. Departed from Belluno to Palermo the pilot tells his story.
Renato Bassanello; Read more


Viper SD4 costs less than 90 000 $

The two-seater, developed in Slovakia, was previously built and flown under the auspices of Europe’s EASA type certification
Adrian Lecky; Read more


Viper AFT - the aircraft with military training ambitions

The Jenky's report of Viper Air Force Trainer in Flying revue (CZ-SK aviation magazine)
Jozef Jankovič; Read more


Slovakian LSA Design Emerges at Sun ‘n Fun

Proven European all-metal design is introduced in the U.S.
Pia Bergqvist; Read more


Viper SD4 CS-SLA type certification

The company applied for a CS-LSA approval of their very successful microlight/homebuilt aircraft Viper SD-4
aicraft design & certification ltd; Read more


Viper SD4: Fun Czech Cruiser Comes to Town

The Eagle Aircrafts Viper SD-4 is set to disrupt, if you ask Wayman Luy
Amy Laboda; Read more


Viper SD4 LSA Makes U.S. Debut at Sun 'n' Fun 2017

Eagle International Aircrafts used the first day of the Sun ’n‘ Fun Fly-In..
Amy Laboda; Read more


Viper SD4 Initiates First U.S. Flights

Eagle International Aircrafts L.L.C. announced that the FAA has finally certified and approved Viper’s SD-4 for U.S. Market.


LSA certificate for Viper SD4 in USA

Viper SD4 obtained LSA / Light Sport Aircraft certificate issued by FAA 
TomarkAero; Read more


Viper AFT (Air Force Trainer)

I am fulfilling my promise that I gave at the end of August to Gonzo and I will write a few words about a new nice lad in our sky...
Jenky; Read more


L'amusant biplace este certifié CS-LSA

(Viper SD4  - The funny two-seater aircraft is CS-LSA certified)

Quand il fait beau l'appel de l'espace est si fort que je n'ai plus qu'un but: dècoller!

J. Callise (Aviation et Pilote); Read more


Viper SD4 "Primary Air Force Trainer" at NATO Days Airshow (17 - 18 Sept)

Viper SD4 "Primary Air Force Trainer" - Special basic training for military pilots presented on static display at NATO Days in OStrava (CZE).
TomarkAero; Read more


5 aircraft Viper SD4 at ULM Blois 2016 (FRA)

Rich fleet of 5 aircraft Viper SD4 was presented at the Airshow ULM Blois 2016 (August 27 to 28).

TomarkAero; Read more


Four pieces of Viper SD4 & Skyper at SIAF 2016

At this year's Slovak international Air Fest SIAF 2016, held at the airport Sliač on August 27 - 28, four pieces of Viper SD4 (present record in SIAF for Viper SD4) and a Skyper GT9, were presented

TomarkAero; Read more


Slovak International Air Fest SIAF 2016

We invite you to Slovak International Air Fest SIAF 2016 (August 27 - 28) at the Sliač Airport. Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 will present there on static display – „Aerosalón“. Moreover, Viper SD4 (OM-M639) show its art in flight display. Come to us, we look forward to you!

Photogallery from previous years:



European Certificae for the East Slovaks

The Prešov company TOMARK has been on the market for 20 years. Even though today we talk about a prosperous company...; Read more


Skyper GT9 - Premum Economy

Neues Flugobjekt am Himmel der zahlreichen Utraleichten geschtet!

aerokurier; Read more



Probeflüge mit der EASA zertifizierten VIPER SD4 RTC ab sofort möglich; Read more


Tomark Aero Skyper GT9

Bereits der Prototyp fliegt sehr anständig.

Markus Koch; Read more


LSA Viper rejuvenates Aero Club

A new training aeroplane has given a new lease of life to the Wanganui Aero Club (NZE)..

Peter Burke; Read more


Introducing of Viper

Viper SD4 on Introducing of Viper SD4 light sport aircraft at the 2011 U.S. Sport Aviation in Sebring Florida.

Dan Johnson; Read more


Viper SD4 – The new standard in light aircraft

This is a new entry in the sport category with amazing versatility other aircraft can't match.razantne, presne a dynamicky.

Anita Wiliams; Read more