Already the third Viper SD4 aircraft at the AeroJOB Flight School

In addition to the existing Viper SD4 RTC certified aircraft (EASA certified aircraft, EASA.A.606 certificate number) OM-BAG and OM-AJA, a new aircraft, the Viper SD4 OM-NVF Night-VFR, was added to the AeroJOB Fly Academy. This means the ability of the pilot to control the aircraft independently and safely in flight conditions in the visibility of the ground at night (VMC – Visual Meteorological conditions).

Photogallery of Viper SD4 Night-VFR

TomarkAero (manufacturer of the Viper SD4 RTC and Viper SD4 Night-VFR aircraft) and the AeroJOB Fly Academy have taken the level of cooperation to an even more professional level with this decision. There is nothing more effective than teaching future pilots to fly proven aircraft. Another, the third piece of aircraft technology from one manufacturer, is obvious evidence of this. We believe that it remains successful and not the last.

Let’s wish each other many successful flights, many people interested in pilot training in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and many successful future pilots. Let the Viper SD4 Night-VFR meet what is expected of it. To enable successful day and night flights and to lay the foundations on how to become a professional pilot.

Handover of the Viper SD4 Night-VFR aircraft

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