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Flight school

Become a pilot

The endless skies are at your fingertips, whether you are looking for the joy of a weekend pilot, the quick transfer of an efficient businessperson or a career as a transport pilot. We will take you professionally and safely toward the dream horizon.

If you dream of a pilot’s career, you have the excellent opportunity to take courses in aviation schools or certified aviation facilities that offer a wide range of training on the Viper SD4 RTC/VFR-Night/LŠZ or Skyper GT9 aircraft. A list of these facilities can be found in the Aviation School section.

Aircraft facilities offer not only an increasing range of flight training, but also promotional flights, gift vouchers, air service or an attractive opportunity to become a pilot for the exam. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Air service

Reliable service and comprehensive maintenance, sale of accessories

Promotional flights

In close or distant surroundings or on an optional 30/60 min. route
Flight experience

Come fly

Enjoy a flight experience not only as a photographer, but also as a pilot if you are interested. Even on the ground in front of the hangar, an experienced pilot will explain basic information about safe flight, navigation and communication to the client. Thanks to advanced airborne equipment and dual steering, it is later possible to become a test pilot in the air and under the supervision of the captain to experience assisted piloting of Viper SD4 or Skyper GT9 aircraft on their own. We wish you a wonderful experience. More details can be found here.

Brief ground briefing on aerodynamics, technology and safe flight
Captain’s briefing on on-board instruments and controls
The client can fly the aircraft under the professional supervision of an experienced instructor
Red circuit


Green circuit


Blue circuit


Orange circuit 30 min.

  • Ražňany airfield ; take-off
  • Šariš castle
  • Branisko
  • Spiš castle
  • Prešov
  • Ražňany airfield; landing

Green circuit 60min.

  • Ražňany airfield; take-off
  • Prešov
  • surroundings of Bidovce airfield
  • Dargov Pass
  • Michalovce
  • Domaša reservoir
  • Kapušany castle
  • Prešov
  • Ražňany airfield; landing

Brown circuit; 120 min.

  • Ražňany airfield; take-off
  • Ľubovňa castle
  • Dunajec
  • Pieniny Park
  • High Tatras
  • Važec
  • Čierny Váh reservoir
  • Liptovský Mikuláš
  • Tatralandia
  • Liptovská Mara
  • Thermal Park Bešeňová
  • Chopok
  • Brezno
  • Heľpa
  • Muráň
  • Telgárt
  • Palcmanská Maša
  • Levoča
  • Spiš castle
  • Branisko
  • Ražňany airfield; landing

purple circuit; 120 min.

  • Ražňany aifireld; take-off
  • Kapušany castle
  • Bardejov
  • Svidník
  • Dukla Monument
  • Poloniny National Park
  • Starina
  • Snina
  • Zemplínska Šírava
  • Michalovce
  • Humenné
  • Brekov castle
  • Vranov nad Topľou
  • Dargov pass
  • Prešov
  • Šariš castle
  • Ražňany castle; landing

Blue circuit; 60 min.

  • Ražňany airfield; take-off
  • Branisko
  • Spiš castle
  • Dargov pass
  • Levoča and surroundings
  • Kežmarok
  • Stará Ľubovňa
  • Ľubovňa castle
  • Plaveč
  • Čergov mountains
  • Ražňany airfield; landing

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Aircraft rental

Rent a plane

Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 in perfect condition and with full tank. Just click on the “Rent Aircraft” button and fill in the necessary data. You can rent a plane for travel, a quick way to get to your chosen place in a short time (with/without a pilot). If you are interested in chartering an aircraft as a pilot, prepare personal documentation – license (pilot’s license), medical license, pilot’s liability insurance for unintentional damage and you can go.
Viper SD4


Skyper GT9


    122.135 Mhz

    Ražňany Operation


    16L / 34R – motorless
    16R / 34L – motor


    1100 x 70 m grass
    1100 x 30 m grass


    321 m


    Tel.: +421 51 4525080