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Brand new Viper SD4

We are introducing the brand new Viper SD4 in the UL600 category. Excellent equipment and a pleasant, fresh design will find application in the German sky. It includes these great equipment:

Left panel

◘ Canardia analog-digital instruments: airspeed, altimeter, tachometer

◘ EFIS Garmin G5

◘ Flarm anti-colission system

◘ Control of flaps, trim, CDI (course deviation indicator)

Middle panel

▲ Radio Tryg TY91

▲ Transponder Trig TT21

▲ Control an adjustable propeller

▲ iPad holder with independent cooling

Right panel

# Air vacuum sensor in the intake manifold

# Engine indicators: cylinder head temperature, fuel temperature and pressure, fuel quantity indicators

# 12V a USB sockets