Impressive Viper SD4

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Excellent appearance, state-of-the-art avionic technology, high standard equipment and flight characteristics, impressive colours, outstanding design & comfort.

This is a suitable characteristic for the brand new Viper SD4, which is the new owner Eagle International Aircraft Inc. The aircraft will fly at the home airport KTMB ( Miami Executive Airport).The modern avionics:

• 2xDynon SV-D1100 HDX touch, GPS module, Trig Radio TY96, Transponder module, Garmin G5 as a backup. ELT system. Autopilot and ADS-B IN / OUT system (identification, position, altitude and velocity to other aircraft).

• BRS parachute for whole aircraft, strobe/landing lights, position beacon.

• Many upgrades are installed due to night flying: potentiometers of dashboard backlighting, map reading lamp and instrument light regulation as well as extra strong landing light.

Enjoy a new Viper and make it a good tool and helper for your success 💪

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