The new Viper SD4 with the registration mark OM-M161 flies in the slovak sky. The Viper in the PREMIUM version is decorated not only with an interesting colour combination of the aircraft, which at first glance looks very discreet, which, however, is not harmful. On the contrary. According to the first references, it is clear that this is ideal for this aircraft. In achromatic colours. So white, black and shades of gray.

The aircraft’s avionics equipment is truly magnificent. Two Dynon SD-1000 SkyView devices, autopilot, ADS-B IN / OUT system, Dynon SV-GPS 2020 module, Trig TY96 radio. Modern equipment in a modern aircraft.

We wish the client of the aircraft and the aircraft itself a large number of successful flight hours with growing beautiful experiences and joy from each flight.

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