Viper in the Turkish sky

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Viper SD4 with registration mark TC-UYE decorates the sky in Turkey. It is predisposed not only by the interesting design of the camouflage and the color scheme of the aircraft, but also by the configuration and excellent equipment.

Judge for yourself:

• 2x Dynon Skyview 10”

• SV-2020 GPS module, SV-XPNDR-261 transponder module

• SV- ADSB-472 module, SV-BAT-320 backup battery

• Analogue ASI, ALT as a backup

• Radio Dynon Avionics SV-COM-X83, Flaps control

• SV-INTERCOM-2S Dynon Avionics, Autopilot Dynon Avionics

• SV-AP-PANEL, Cylinder Air, Carb heat, Cabin heat, 12V and USB socket

Have a look a gallery:

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