Viper Sky Box

Viper Sky Box formation in an impressive flight demo at the Aviation Festival 2022 at Piešťany Airport.

Viper Sky Box Team, in cooperation with TOMARK, s.r.o., the manufacturer of Viper SD4 aircraft, their perfect presentation at the Aviation Festival in Piešťany. Pilots of TOMARK, s.r.o. and instructors / pilots of the Air Mavex Junior flight school.

Viper Sky Box team:

1. OM-M654 – pilot Peter Pavlinský

2. OM-M090 – pilot Ivan Olšavský

3. OM-M099 – pilot Radoslav Lipjanec

4. OM-M191 – pilot Dušan Kažimír

Thank you for a wonderful experience, we look forward to more delicious performances and presentations. 👏👍

Thanks to “Martin Jakubec – Photography” for impressive photos.

Have a look the pohotogallery and video from Viper Sky Box presentation at Aviation Festival:

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