Aero Expo Nitra

TOMARK Company, Ltd. was from 24 – 27 May, 2016 participated in the first annual airshow Aero-Expo, which was part of the 23. International Engineering Fair in Nitra.

At the exhibition, we exhibited these interesting products. Viper SD4 – Slovak unique – with EASA Type Certificate and Viper SD4 Kit – Kit for each part of the aircraft Viper SD4. Both exhibited products were very interesting not only for the aviation public but also for skilled aircraft builders

Part of the Aero-Expo 2016 was also display of the aircraft at an close airport Janíkovce. There was a space not only for static display, but aviation fans could fly there.
We are pleased that Viper had a very good interest in flying and also attracted the new admirers.

Photogallery from an exhibition Aero-Expo 2016

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