Innovative solutions of Viper SD4 RTC and Night-VFR

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We bring you a few innovations that we have introduced in the development and production of certified Viper SD4 RTC and Viper SD4 Night – VFR aircraft based on the experience of pilots, active communication and changing market requirements. We believe that these changes will bring the desired success and contribute to mutual satisfaction, prosperity and a long-term partnership.

Brake system installed on the steering control

Based on improving the product and expanding the selection for pilots, we offer a new type of brakes on Viper SD4 aircraft – mounting brakes on steering sticks. In addition to the current solution of the brake system, which is located just below the throttle, we have expanded the offer of a quality brake system from Beringer, which can be used for a wide selection of pilots, so that each pilot can choose a brake system that suits him better and is used to it.

Change of the avionic equipment of Viper SD4 RTC – installation of new GPS modules

As a result of active communication with pilots and an increase in customer requirements, we have changed the GPS signal capture. We replaced the Garmin Aera 500 GPS device and the Dynon SV-GPS 250 module with two more sensitive and more accurate Dynon SV-GPS 2020 modules, which we already have identically installed in the Viper SD4 Night-VFR aircraft.

The main advantage of this dual connection of GPS modules is that they can provide comprehensive information to both Dynon 10″ displays at the same time. The way they are connected ensures that they work independently of each other but, at the same time, they can backup each other. Such a GPS data display solution brings an extremely wide variability of Dynon digital instruments, as well as of the overall instrument panel of the Viper SD4 RTC aircraft.

Addition of ADS-B IN function to Viper SD4 Night-VFR avionic equipment

From the point of view of safety and comfort during the flight, it is important for the aircraft crew to have the necessary information about the situation in the airspace and about the air traffic around them.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent System Broadcast) is a system that provides an overview of the air situation based on the principle of transmitting data and position to ground receivers using standard communication lines, and this data is also provided to other aircraft in the airspace.

The ADS-B OUT system is installed as standard on the Viper SD4 NVFR aircraft. Using a transponder, it periodically transmits position and identification data, speed, altitude and flight direction.

By adding the Dynon SV-ADSB 472 module to the avionic equipment of the Viper SD4 Night-VFR aircraft, the manufacturer of Viper SD4 added the ADS-B IN function. This ensures that the aircraft is equipped with a fully functional ADS-B IN / OUT system. The ADS-B IN can receive all signals and information transmitted by other aircraft in its vicinity in the ADS-B system. Data from this system can be displayed on both Dynon 10″ displays according to the requirements of the pilots. Crew safety is the most important factor and a clear priority.

Installation of the photo window

A special modification of the Viper SD4 RTC aircraft for photography and filming – this is the installation of a photo window in the acrylic glass canopy of the aircraft on the passenger side. An important prerequisite for this unique solution is that the modern cabin of the Viper SD4 is characterized by excellent positioning and view from it. The spacious, modern cabin with an excellent view not only ensures a comfortable and pleasant flight even during long flights, but also brings exceptional experiences and an ideal solution for creating photo and video documentation.

An excellent solution for airlines, professional or amateur photographers or filmmakers, to capture unique views of the landscape. Because an aerial view is one of the most unusual for a person, whether they are film or photo shots of villages, the nature or monuments.

This excellent and practical solution is used by several companies and publishers of aviation books and maps, by whom the mentioned solution is used not only for travel, but also for professional aerial photography and filming.

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